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Friday, December 09, 2005

Anything goes!

An open forum where you can say whatever you want. Don't like what's going on in politics,religion,the world,or there's something good you want to share or a picture to show,go for it.Barroom talk is acceptable and so is a truck drivers mentaliy with a bit of redneck bullshit thrown in.You know, like our fucked up president.And what about the idiot people who voted for him. Although I can forgive them if they come to their senses and realize what a jerk they put in office.Well maybe we'll hear from the religious right.You know the ones.They have their head up their asses and can't see what's going on.People starving,poor people who have to decide whether to buy their medicine or food or pay their rent and not have money for heat.The list is endless and right now their bitching over a stupid holiday greeting card from the Prez because it dossn't say Christmas on it.C'mon fools get a life.So anybody have anything to say,let's hear it. Robert


At 5:07 AM, Blogger fullynaked said...

whatever i want to say? whatever i want to say! i tell you what i want to say, how about adding me as a team member so we can dust off the this blog and give it the bite it deserves and craves. don't waste this opportunity letting this page flutter aimlessly about like a bookmark down a windy alley.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Howard W. Tate said...

This must be the best blog ever!


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